In Our Clients' Words...

MagnaFund: Web Based Quoting

Our web based portal integrates the pricing and risk assessment processes with a focus on flexibility, ease of use, and quality control.  Some of the primary features are:

  • Quotes
    • Four Quote Basis — including three Illustrative quotes and the Final Quote with full underwriting
    • PDF’s formatted to meet carrier requirements and style guides
    • Broker-generated illustrative quotes via desktop, laptop and tablet (planned enhancement)
  • Productivity, quality, and security enhancers
    • Searchable, sortable lists of “in process” and archived groups
    • Client-defined rules for ensuring input quality
    • Direct import of member census from carrier’s legacy systems
    • Password controlled levels of access
    • HIPAA –compliant server hosting
  • Data Management
    • Archiving and retrieval of quoting activity
    • Reporting on data gathered during quoting, critical to fine-tuning pricing