In Our Clients' Words...

C-Level Experience, Associate Prices

Our History

Magnum Actuarial Group is a firm providing health insurance consulting services to companies and regulatory agencies throughout the country. The company was established in February 2007 by a former CEO of Assurant Health, Tom Keller, and a former Vice President and Actuary of Assurant Health, Craig Magnuson.

Magnum was established with a business model based on several principles:

  • Our primary focus is on the Individual and Small Group health marketplace, it’s what we know best, with over 75 years combined experience.  
  • Charge a fair price and provide outstanding value.
  • Keep our sleeves rolled up and our hands dirty.
  • Take client problems personally.
  • Provide a source for reliable non-actuarial solutions and resources - our backgrounds have given us organization-wide experience and perspective, working with outstanding talent in a wide range of disciplines. When we see a non-actuarial problem that requires expertise that we cannot provide within Magnum, we can recommend partner firms with the appropriate expertise with whom we have worked successfully in previous engagements.

Since Magnum’s founding, clients have ranged from huge nationwide companies to regional health plans entering new markets to state DOI’s and high risk pools. Our assignments have ranged from market entry business plans, product development and pricing, and M&A actuarial appraisals to rate filing review and high risk pool deficit projections.