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The Integrated Solution to SGSF: MagnaFund

MagnaFund – The Small Group Self-Funded Solution

When compared to ACA-compliant fully insured single risk pool products, the primary attraction of a Small Group Self-Funded (SGSF) program is the ability to more accurately reflect the group’s health status in the cost of providing health insurance.   To help carriers, reinsurers, and marketers capitalize on this opportunity, Magnum Actuarial Group, LLC has developed our MagnaFund product, a set of integrated, user-friendly underwriting, pricing and quoting tools that enable a carrier to quickly identify prospects for SGSF and offer them attractively priced self-funded products.

SGSF Pricing 

Our proprietary Risk Analytic Engine™ (RAE) applies rigorous stochastic modeling techniques to the statistical uncertainties of Small Group health insurance which allows the client to consistently and accurately derive the claims account contributions, stop loss premiums and administrative costs consistent with a small group’s risk profile.



Risk Assessment

The proprietary, web-based SGSF Underwriting Manual is the foundation for several customizable risk assessment tools.  The manual, along with the Risk Analytic Engine™ (RAE) are necessarily designed to work together to appropriately assess, quantify, and with the help of the RAE, price risk.



Web Based Quoting

Our web based portal integrates the pricing and risk assessment processes to allow for quick and efficient Group quoting with a focus on flexibility, ease of use, and quality control.